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About us

O.B.Wiik is a trusted supplier of temporary fabric buildings and shelters, established in 1912.

External shot of grey aviation hangar from O.B.Wiik with aircraft inside.
External shot of grey fabric building from O.B.Wiik on top of concrete blocks.
External shot of white fabric work tent from O.B.Wiik surrounded by snow.
External shot of two white temporary weather shelters from O.B.Wiik surrounded by snow.
External shot of red temporary fabric building from O.B.Wiik with open door.

O.B.Wiik was founded in Norway in 1912 and is a leading supplier of fabric-covered buildings and shelters.

We’re known throughout the Nordic region for our high-quality and adaptable solutions. Our products are also available for sale or rent, depending on client needs.

The company is undergoing substantial growth and now markets its products internationally, having exported our solutions to more than 100 countries worldwide. We have sales offices in Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim in Norway and subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark. Our main head office is in Oslo, Norway. Overall, O.B.Wiik has over 100 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 500 million.

O.B.Wiik is proud to be part of Zurhaar AS, an industrial, contractor, and real estate group with over 420 employees and 170,000 m² of commercial property worldwide.




O.B.Wiik acknowledges that our business has an impact on the external environment, through our own business, and indirectly through our customers and suppliers.

O.B.Wiik takes responsibility for our environmental impact and we have therefore implemented a sustainable practice policy which will be integrated into day-to-day operations.

We always strive to be a clear contributor to good solutions in environmental work within our industry.

O.B.Wiik will have an effective environmental management system. This implies a commitment to continuous improvement of environmental conditions, and to comply with the regulatory requirements and requirements imposed by O.B.Wiik itself.

We actively make choices that give our products a long service life. We focus on reducing our environmental impact, especially on waste and energy consumption, and endeavor to use environmentally friendly products in our production where possible. We will actively influence our customers, partners and suppliers to take actions and choices that promote environmental awareness.

Everyone in O.B.Wiik is committed to the environmental policy. Environmental issues will be taken into consideration when creating policies and procedures for all entities of the company. It also means that environmental and climate issues are emphasized in business and service development.

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