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Dry wood does not come by itself

Long before you put on a couple of dry, nice logs, they may well have been lying dry and nice under the roof of O.B. Wik. Norway’s largest firewood producer has 10 Wiik Halls in use.

Whole wood

Few people in the world are more interested in wood burning than Norwegians. Books have even been written about it. Most people have also learned that quality wood must have a low moisture content, but this does not happen by itself. The wood must be stored dry.

Roys Vedsalg AS is Norway’s largest producer of firewood, and uses sheds from O.B. Wiik for storage. It has become a couple over time – you can see the extent in the film.

Dry, good and safe storage

For Roys Vedsalg, the storage of the wood is crucial for its quality. Finished dried firewood is packed in sacks, stacked on pallets and stored at height. The halls must therefore accommodate a large volume, protect against weather, wind and moisture.

WiikHallen was chosen as the best solution, even though other players could compete on price. Reason? The quality of the fabric and the quality of the constructions create precisely the good protection against the weather gods. The halls and location, deep in the Finnskogen, provide the very best conditions for making good firewood.

In addition to being used as a warehouse, Roy Vemundsberget has set up halls that function as workstations. There, the wood is cut, split and packed in sacks. Then they get hold of O.B. Wiik over the head.

The result is 10 halls in several sizes and configurations, all with the same mission: that you should get dry, nice by firing along.