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Fabric covered or normal building? Here are the benefits!

You might think of plastic sheds as something temporary and simple, but there’s no reason for that. Because in many cases, our halls will work perfectly as permanent buildings. Usually, they can actually stand for over 20 years before something needs to be done with the cloth. And there are several advantages to choosing a hall over a building.

Lower costs with a plastic hall

It is cheaper to set up a tent hall than it is to set up a traditional building. Here there are many areas where you can save money, both in materials and time spent. In addition, the plastic halls do not have as great a requirement for maintenance and repairs as permanent buildings. It helps to further reduce costs throughout the hall’s life cycle.

Quick and easy installation

Our tent halls can be up and running in weeks. This is in stark contrast to normal buildings that can take many months, where there are also often more extensive requirements for approvals and preparatory work. The plastic halls from O.B.Wiik can be assembled quickly and easily, which means that the hall can be put into use much earlier than a traditional building.

Many areas of use

When we set up a plastic hall, it is usually with one function in mind, but that does not mean that they only work for that purpose. The only limit to what you can use a hall for is your imagination. As it is easy to adjust and make changes, it will require less to change the area of ​​use of the hall.

Flexible location, size and economy

The plastic halls from O.B.Wiik are available in various sizes and can be adapted to meet specific needs. But this is not the only flexibility. In contrast to a normal building, our halls are easy to assemble and dismantle, adjust lengths or add extra solutions.

This also gives you financial flexibility. Should you experience changing needs or financial conditions, your hall can be built down or expanded to adapt to these. In addition, you can choose between renting, owning and leasing. Thus, when you have finished the hall, you can return it or sell it on. The long lifespan means that it is no problem to use halls again, as for example when Kråkene Moss took over the temporary Jordal Amfi. Good for the environment and for the wallet.

Plastic halls have a long life

Right, we may not be able to compete against buildings that have stood for many 1,000 years, but our halls are nevertheless designed to live for a long time. We build our plastic halls from very durable materials that are specially adapted to withstand the Nordic weather.

Plastic is a durable material that does not rot or rust, which means that the plastic halls from O.B.Wiik can last for many years without requiring much maintenance. Should something be damaged or worn, it is easy to replace parts, or for example the entire tablecloth.

Still need some persuasion?

Feel free to contact one of our salespeople or read more about our halls!