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Give your hall a new life

Even though O.B.Wiik’s tablecloths are of very high quality and made to last a long time, wear and tear and damage can occur. But, you don’t have to buy a whole new hall for that reason!

We can transform and replace entire canvases, or parts of the canvas, on all types of tent halls. It is a practical solution that ensures that your hall maintains good quality, looks new and lasts even longer.

It also saves you money. Compared to buying a new hall, it will be far less expensive to change the cloth. At the same time, a hall with a complete canvas will be able to give you savings as a result of, for example, it retains heat better and provides complete protection.

Not least, it will also mean less strain on the environment. As a certified environmental lighthouse, we always want to help our customers make environmentally friendly choices. This is such a choice.

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