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Our buildings are ideally tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture and new technologies. In our agricultural structures, animal welfare, building engineering, and the working environment are all thoroughly considered and protected.

Internal shot of steel agricultural building from O.B.Wiik.
External shot of blue steel agricultural building from O.B.Wiik.

Comfort and regulation compliance

Modern agriculture balances industrial quality with a comfortable environment for people and animals. Our buildings are designed to meet rigorous food production standards and are planned in collaboration with end-users, often spanning generations.

Tailored agricultural structures

Our buildings are customized for specific agricultural purposes and livestock needs. They feature solid anchoring, permanent insulation, and low maintenance, benefitting from O.B.Wiik’s extensive experience in quick delivery and assembly.

Additional equipment

We provide extra features like lighting, ventilation, dehumidification, and heating. The infrastructure is collaboratively designed to accommodate various farming requirements, including advanced machinery and logistical solutions.

Turnkey solutions, simplified planning

O.B.Wiik offers comprehensive turnkey solutions, overseeing projects from idea to realization. We collaborate with experienced partners to ensure our buildings meet all health, safety, and environmental standards, using 3D modeling for precise planning and visualization.

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