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Airplanes, helicopters, and aviation equipment represent significant investments requiring proper shelter. O.B.Wiik's hangars offer flexible and superior protection, suitable for both large and small airports and airfields.

External shot of grey aviation hangar from O.B.Wiik with aircraft inside.

Optimal workspaces

For Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) operations, the quality and spaciousness of hangars are paramount. A well-designed hangar provides ample workspace around the fuselage, essential for machinery access and optimal working conditions for mechanics. All our hangars are demountable allowing them to be relocated, stored for future use, or resold. These considerations are key in selecting the right MRO hangar.

O.B.Wiik’s hangars are custom-designed and can be adapted for aircraft, helicopters, and drones. Our storage solutions are also ideal for protecting aviation equipment.

Customized MRO solutions for aviation

WiikHall hangars are specifically tailored for MRO activities within the aviation industry, offering custom features such as sheet or sliding doors. Their design, with suitable height and structure, accommodates various types of aircraft, aligning with the unique needs of aviation maintenance and operations.

Durable and weather-resistant

Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, WiikHall hangars are a dependable option for MRO activities at both large and small airports and airfields. Their robust and adaptable design ensures effective protection for valuable aviation assets during maintenance and repair processes.

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