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Protection is paramount at construction sites, whether it’s for employees, materials, structures, or costly machinery. Adhering to HSE requirements and maintaining proper certifications is crucial. Our expertise ensures you have the right protection for your industry’s specific needs.

Fabric roof covering from O.B.Wiik to protect from the weather.
External shot of a white temporary weather shelter from O.B.Wiik on top of a building to protect work.
Fabric roof covering from O.B.Wiik to protect from the weather.

Versatile work tents

O.B.Wiik’s growth in the construction sector highlights the versatility of our products. Our work tents, ideal for tradesmen and various types of work, offer scalable solutions to fit any project size. Whether tackling a complex bridge project or requiring a temporary hall, our products are designed to simplify work processes. We collaborate with you to discover the most efficient solution for your project.

Bridge construction and rehabilitation

Working on a bridge construction or rehabilitation project requires reliable coverage. O.B.Wiik’s work tents provide shelter from harsh weather, ensuring a conducive work environment. These tents allow for critical tasks to be performed year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Roofing projects

For roofing projects, having a protective cover in place is essential. O.B.Wiik’s work tents help maintain dry conditions for structures, insulation, electrical cables, and pipes. They offer protection for crews and tools from rain, wind, and other weather conditions, potentially reducing sick leave and tool wear. Our tents are equipped with pad eyes for crane lifting and can be securely anchored on roofs or scaffolding, with our specialists determining the best installation method.

Year-round concrete laying

The weather is a crucial factor in concrete laying, but with O.B.Wiik’s work tents, you can lay concrete at any time of the year. These tents provide a predictable and controlled environment, preventing delays and protecting the concrete from water, moisture, snow, and ice. Investing in a work tent can be cost-effective, ensuring your project stays on schedule and the concrete laying proceeds smoothly.

External shot of four white temporary weather shelters from O.B.Wiik. There are houses and cars around the shelters.
External shot of white temporary construction shelter on a bridge.
External shot of white temporary weather shelter from O.B.Wiik on top of a building.

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