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Machinery, vehicles, stock, and electronics each demand specific features in a facility. Manufacturing companies, in particular, require solutions that can adapt to growth. O.B.Wiik's fabric buildings are designed to meet these varied and evolving needs efficiently.

External shot of two temporary fabric buildings from O.B.Wiik. They are both red with a white roof.
External shot of long O.B.Wiik fabric building near road.

Flexible production spaces

Whether your manufacturing needs are short-term or long-term, WiikHalls and steel halls offer the perfect solution. These structures can be expanded or reduced in size as your production demands change, providing a safe and secure environment for your production lines and goods, regardless of location or weather conditions.

Customized equipment for modern needs

Equipped to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, WiikHalls and steel halls can include ramps, vehicle doors, mezzanines, dehumidification systems, ventilation, heating, and lighting. Our advanced calculation software ensures you receive a production hall tailored to your specific short-term and long-term needs. For those seeking a permanent solution, these halls are an excellent alternative to traditional buildings.

Advantages over permanent buildings

WiikHalls offer significant benefits compared to permanent structures. They are quickly assembled and disassembled, allowing for easy adjustment of production space in response to fluctuating demands. This flexibility is particularly advantageous during busy periods and downturns.

Durability in harsh conditions

Constructed to withstand Norwegian weather conditions, O.B.Wiik’s halls feature robust steel or aluminum structures with sheet cladding and durable quality seams. This design ensures resilience against snow and storms, providing a reliable and sturdy space for your manufacturing operations.

External shot of grey fabric building from O.B.Wiik on top of concrete blocks.

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