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Maritime, harbour, and port

In maritime, marine, harbour, and port industries special requirements apply. Salt water, weather conditions, wind and safety requirements must all be considered when designing a structure. O.B.Wiik’s products are designed to handle the job.

O.B.Wiik's solution for a salmon farming facility.
O.B.Wiik's solution for a salmon farming facility.

Durable structures, harsh conditions

WiikHalls, constructed with PVC sheets and aluminum or steel frames, excel in tough climates and sea spray environments. Used by the Norwegian customs and excise agency, harbor authorities, and various businesses, they stand up to the most challenging locations.

Safe storage in harbor settings

The WiikHall provides secure storage solutions for goods and cargo in harbor environments, ensuring safety during unloading and transport. Equipped with dehumidification systems, they offer a risk-free storage option for dry and bulk goods.

Adaptable solutions for marine industries

In diverse sectors like fish farming, offshore, and aquaculture, WiikHalls address the unique requirements of marine industries. Their benefits include quick assembly, ease of relocation, and adaptability to changing needs like cargo volume adjustments or storage expansions.

Customizable features for transport and storage

The WiikHall can be tailored for transportation needs, featuring ramps, vehicle doors, and facilities like lighting, ventilation, and heating, making them ideal for evolving transport and storage requirements in maritime settings.

O.B.Wiik's solution for a salmon farming facility.

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