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The Armed Forces have exceptionally high standards for storing and securing military materials. O.B.Wiik meets these rigorous demands by supplying halls to military areas, equipped with custom-designed special features that prioritize security needs.

O.B.Wiik shelters create an operating base for the Norwegian military.

Quick response and versatility

The Armed Forces require solutions that are not only quick to respond but also versatile for various applications, including troop movements, drills, or adapting to budget changes. O.B.Wiik’s halls fulfill these needs with their flexibility and adaptability.

Specialized military applications

O.B.Wiik has provided halls for storing military equipment and functioning as garages and workshops for military vehicles. These structures are designed to meet specific military requirements and uses.

Tailored for security and durability

We prioritize meeting security needs and provide additional equipment for our halls. Our structures are built with robust materials suited for Norwegian climates, incorporating features like heating, ventilation, dehumidification, lighting, security systems, and door solutions.

Rapid delivery and setup

The quick delivery and installation of our halls provide the Armed Forces with the necessary agility and operational scope. Our extensive experience in supplying to military branches demonstrates our capability to meet their critical demands.

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