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WiikHall “BabyTent”

The Wiik "BabyTent" can be used for everything from school laundry, kitchens or as smaller storage rooms for food and emergency supplies.

External shot of two white aid and relief tents on sand.
External shot of white aid and relied shelter from O.B.Wiik.
Internal shot of an aid and relief tent from O.B.Wiik containing storage boxes and bags.
Aerial shot of several white aid and relief tents on a harbour from O.B.Wiik. Each building has blue world food programme logos on the roofs and to the side. There is

Easy assembly and flexible design

The Wiik “BabyTent” is available in widths of 6.5 and 8.5 meters and comes in 3 or 4-meter modules, allowing for infinite length configurations like 6×8, 6×12, or 6×18 meters. Their design ensures simple assembly without the need for cranes or lifts, with all necessary tools and instructions included. A team of four can quickly set up a 6×8 meter tent in just a few hours, making it suitable for urgent aid and relief scenarios.

Rapid delivery for immediate needs

O.B.Wiik prioritizes quick delivery, essential for aid and relief operations. A standard 20′ container can accommodate around 15 tents of 6.5 x 8 meters, ensuring efficient transportation and availability for disaster relief, UN missions, and NGO efforts.

Versatile applications in disaster relief

The “BabyTent” serves various purposes, functioning as hospitals, laundries, kitchens, schools, and warehouses for storing food and emergency supplies. Its versatility and adaptability make it an invaluable asset in humanitarian aid and emergency relief efforts.

Trusted by major organizations

Renowned UN agencies and NGOs, including UNHCR, UNICEF, the World Food Programme, IOM, and the Red Cross, rely on the “BabyTent” from O.B.Wiik. This widespread use by prominent organizations underscores the tent’s reliability and effectiveness in providing aid and support in diverse emergency situations.

An internal shot of a white aid and relief shelter from O.B.Wiik filled with sand bags.
External shot of white aid and relief tent from O.B.Wiik. The door to the tent is open and there are storage boxes inside.


“UNICEF and O.B.Wiik AS have an ongoing signed Long Term Agreement against which O.B.Wiik is supplying prefabricated warehouses for use in UNICEF’s operations worldwide. The focal person at O.B.Wiik AS has always been very helpful in providing information promptly and suggesting solutions for getting the products to the destination promptly.”

Samuel Kweku Ocran
Contracts Manager, UNICEF Supply Division


“UNHCR is in contractual relationship with company O.B.Wilk AS for more than 20 years for the provision of prefabricated warehouses (WikHall Aluminium structure 10 x 24 m). Up to date, the requirements have been delivered according to the contractual terms, there are no issues on record regarding the fulfilment of the purchase orders.”

Fabrizio Bertora
Senior Supply Officer, UNHCR


“The United Nations World Food Programme has been procuring from O.B.Wiik for more than 20 years. Since 1997 O.B.Wiik has had a Long Term Agreement with WFP supplying Mobile Storage Tents to all WFP’s operations world-wide. The agreement has been extended every 4 years after completion of an international competitive bidding process. WFP is satisfied with quality of the goods and services received from O.B.Wiik and there have not been any disputes between World Food Programme and O.B.Wiik on the goods and services provided.”

Andrew Lukach
Chief of Procurement, World Food Programme

Technical specifications

WiikHall Aluminium Structure 6,5 x

Framework Aluminium, Can be extended to an indefinite length in four-metre-long sections

Cover White PVC-coated polyester with extra UV protection

Doors (EN)

One lace-up fabric door 2,9 x 3 metres (w x h) at each gable

Ventilation (EN)

One air vents in each gable

Wind load capacity 0.65 Kn/sq.m (about 31 m/s) when the building is attached to the ground in accordance with the assembly instructions

Snow load capacity 75 kg/sq.m when the building is attached to the ground in accordance with the assembly instructions


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