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O.B.Wiik is bought by Zurhaar & RUBB AS.

O.B.Wiik is bought by Zurhaar & RUBB AS.

The owners of O.B.Wiik and Zurhaar & RUBB AS have agreed on an acquisition of O.B.Wiik. This means that we will be part of the same group as RUBB Industries. Two companies with a strong tradition are thus joining forces, with the aim of creating a significant and leading player in existing markets for halls, work tents, events, tarpaulins and tent-based products and solutions.

Together, we get 166 years of experience. This benefits our customers.

O.B.Wiik continues as a company

Although we will now become part of a new group, O.B.Wiik will still exist as a sister company under Zurhaar & Rubb AS. This means that you still meet the same skilled employees and can relate to the same people as before. O.B Wiik continues to be O.B.Wiik, but we now get extra support in the back.

New opportunities and better deliveries

Both companies are currently present in several countries. Through the acquisition, we will be able to increase our local presence to an even greater extent – all over the globe. With approx. 400 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Great Britain and the USA, we will get even closer to existing and potential customers.

With a large professional environment and more available resources, we will create a leading group, which to an even greater extent delivers solutions according to customers’ needs.

Increased financial strength and flexibility

After a few years of being different, we are now entering a more normal year, with ambitions and goals adjusted accordingly. This acquisition means that we can expect to benefit from synergies across the companies, which gives us great faith in the future. Our faith and ambitions for the future are reflected in O.B.Wiik and RUBB Industries in 2022 expects to have a turnover of NOK 1.5 billion. The increased financial strength will also give us greater opportunities and increased potential for growth within complementary markets and product groups. We believe that this makes us stronger in existing markets and gives us opportunities in new markets.

We look forward to the future!