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O.B.Wiik on a trip across Svalbard

Right now, seven O.B.Wiik employees are in hard training before they will embark on a nine-day trip across Svalbard in April. We got a little insight into their training and heard how they prepare.

Good preparations
The planning, which started in August last year, requires a little more preparation than a normal Easter trip with Kvikk lunch and cocoa in the bag. Every day they will walk stages of up to 8 hours in rough terrain. This has resulted in many hours of training on trips with tires in tow, which simulates the 40 kg heavy sleds they have to take with them on the trip.

A first and last collection
After many infection control-friendly team meetings, the gang was finally able to hold a meeting at Haukeli, in mid-March. It is of course far better to meet face to face than online. There, test trips, overnight stays outdoors and equipment tests were carried out to ensure that everything works as it should and that you stay warm. The weather on Svalbard in April can vary from Easter conditions with around 0 degrees and sunshine to less than -20 degrees. In other words, it must be packed well with equipment to handle the various challenges the Arctic presents.