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O.B.Wiik’s first barn accelerated milk production

A brand new barn was built on the outside of the old one, while milk production took place in full swing inside.

Successful debut project

This spring, a new, beautiful and blue barn was opened at Yttermoen Gård in Nord-Trøndelag. It was a great and pleasant occasion for Karin and Eirik Fjerdingøy, who run the farm together. It was also an anniversary for O.B. Wiik, as the new building represents our first barn project. Then it is naturally extra gratifying that the delivery lived up to expectations:

– We ended up with O.B. Wiik due to many factors. The total package was so good that it made the difference, comments farmer Karin Fjerdingøy. – We have had very close communication in relation to our needs and wishes, and are very satisfied with the representative from O.B. Wik. The follow-up has been very good.

New barn on top of the old one

– Karin and Eirik and I had a good relationship early on. It is important. We sat down and made plans together, and one of the big challenges here was that the operation should continue in parallel with the construction, explains project developer Andreas Volla.

The new building was built over the existing barn at the farm. The old building was dressed up while milk production continued continuously, and only in the next phase did the inside of the barn get its overhaul. A new milking robot and feeding robot were then installed, and the barn today is a good example of the high-tech solutions associated with modern farming.

A collaborative project

To ensure the best solutions, Felleskjøpet was also involved in the process:

– We made many drawings together with Felleskjøpet, against their recommendations and the solutions we wanted. And this went smoothly as the guys at O.B. Wiik had ongoing contact with Felleskjøpet, explains farmer Eirik Fjerdingøy. – If you want it that way, you will get it that way, they said.

O. B. Wiik recognizes himself in the description:

– This is more than a building; it is a concept. We have teamed up with quite a few other partners, and stitched together a building with robotic milking machines and other electronics needed to run a modern barn, points out, general manager at O.B. Wiik A/S.

The cows thrive in the barn at Yttermoen Gård.

He also highlights the efficiency of the construction process:

– We are used to having very short construction periods for our halls, and we take advantage of that here. The steel profiles we have used in this barn are manufactured ready-made abroad, and are set up according to an assembly plan. This results in a very compact and efficient period while the building is being erected. You can hardly get a faster construction period than with this type of element production, concludes the general manager of O.B. Wiik A/S.

15 percent increased production

Since the new barn was put into use, milk production at Yttermoen Gård has increased by 15 per cent. There is little noise in the new barn, which indicates good well-being among both people and livestock. The efficient modern machines also give those who run the farm more space and more time to take care of the animals.

Karin and Eirik are happy, the cows are happy, and we in O.B. Wiik is looking forward to starting new barn projects in the future.