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Insulated fabric buildings

Based on the standard WiikHall, our insulated buildings support various uses. They feature insulated cladding, offering protection from the cold and keeping both people and goods warm.

External shot of temporary fabric building from O.B.Wiik with a yellow vehicle parked outside
External shot of temporary fabric building from O.B.Wiik with windows to the front and side of the building.
Internal shot of a temporary fabric building from O.B.Wiik with wooden fencing and a MEWP.
External shot of temporary fabric building from O.B.Wiik with two red doors.
Internal shot of a temporary fabric building from O.B.Wiik containing a train compartment.
External shot of two blue temporary fabric buildings from O.B.Wiik with open doors.
Close up shot of fabric from an O.B.Wiik building.

Innovative insulation

The insulation in our classic WiikHall comes from our unique sandwich system, featuring an airtight space between two layers of sheets with an insulation mat. Available in two thicknesses, this design achieves U-values of 0.36 and 0.76. The insulation sheet, draping over the steel structure like a duvet, is of the same high quality as our standard halls, with outer layers at 900g and inner layers at 650g.

Staying warm

Our insulated fabric buildings from O.B.Wiik are designed to maintain warmth, even during cold winters. These features have made WiikHall a preferred option for sports, workshops, warm storage, or production purposes. With additional equipment, WiikHall becomes a cost-effective yet efficient alternative to permanent buildings, offering comparable benefits.


Our buildings come in a variety of models, each designed to meet diverse needs and applications. See detailed configurations, specifications, and fabric colors tailored to your specific requirements below.

Tech specs

High-quality textiles

Our sheeting, crafted in Europe, has passed rigorous flammability tests according to European standards, showcasing excellent results.

Boasting one of the highest tear and stretch strengths available in the market, our sheeting comes with a five-year warranty, guaranteeing protection against manufacturing defects.

This commitment to quality ensures our textiles meet the highest standards of safety and durability.

Durable steel construction

O.B.Wiik’s buildings featuring hot-dip galvanized steel frames are dimensioned to comply with Norwegian and EU standards.

Our structures adhere to a range of essential guidelines:

  • NS-EN-1990 for Reliability Requirements
  • NS-EN-1991-3 for Snow Loads
  • NS-EN-1991-4 for Wind Loads
  • NS-EN-1993 for Design of Steel Structures, along with national supplements

Designed to withstand a broad climate range from -50 °C to +70 °C, we tailor our robust structures to adapt to local climate conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

Safe anchoring system

We anchor our warehouse halls securely with base plates on various surfaces.

Collaborating with the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, we’ve conducted tests to optimize tent peg use for direct anchoring in fields.

To ensure the utmost safety, we perform on-site tests in cases of uncertainty regarding ground anchorage levels.

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