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Weather shelters

WiikHall work tents offer protection and comfort, meeting HSE requirements and safeguarding equipment and personnel.

External shot of a white temporary weather shelter from O.B.Wiik. The building has sliding doors which are open, and is positioned over a bridge.
External shot of a white temporary weather shelter from O.B.Wiik. There are men in hi vis jackets to the right of the building, and is on an industrial site.
External shot of a white temporary weather shelter from O.B.Wiik. The shelter is in front of a glass building, and there are tools to the front and side.
External shot of four white temporary weather shelters from O.B.Wiik. There are houses and cars around the shelters.

Weather shelters for any job

In challenging conditions, our work tents prevent common outdoor work injuries and damages, ensuring safety and reliability. These tents boost health, safety, and efficiency in construction, protecting against dampness and enhancing worker productivity.

Versatile work tent options

Whether for hire or purchase, O.B.Wiik provides work tents in various sizes to fit any project. They’re indispensable for trades during inclement weather, shielding tasks like concrete laying and keeping materials and tools dry.


Our work tents come in a variety of sizes, each designed to meet diverse needs and applications. See detailed specifications and download product sheets below:

Custom covers

For long-term jobs needing surface protection, O.B.Wiik covers offer customizable dimensions and flexibility. Our covers can include sound and heat insulation, be portable, and suit any need, ensuring a better work environment. Contact us to discuss requirements.

Advanced work tent features

The latest WiikHall work tents feature quick assembly with a robust aluminium structure and flame-retardant PVC sheeting, available in multiple widths and wall heights. O.B.Wiik, with over 40 years in the work tent industry, is a leader in innovative cover solutions, meeting rising demand for improved building conditions and compliance with TEK regulations.

Tailored work site protection

Our work tents provide discreet coverage, respecting neighboring spaces. They’re designed for flexibility, rapid setup, and offer various styles to meet contractor needs, creating optimal, dry work conditions.

External shot of white temporary construction shelter on a bridge.
External shot of two temporary weather shelters from O.B.Wiik next to a roundabout with cars.
External shot of white fabric work tent from O.B.Wiik surrounded by snow.

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