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Rangvald sausage maker & Linns candle foundry

A candle foundry, sausage maker and a cafe on a Sørland island – perhaps not the most common combination? But if you take the trip to idyllic Sandøya in Tvedestrand, you can visit Linns Lysstøperi and Ragnvalds Pølsemakeri. There you will also find a great O.B.Wiik tent that they use to cover the outdoor seating area of ​​the cafe?

This means they can serve guests regardless of the weather. And according to the owners, the solution works perfectly: “It’s just incredibly good. Very functional and meets all our needs!” says Ragnvald. He also says that the tent is outside all year round and “in the winter you just have to shovel away the snow and bardun it firmly when the weather is stormy”.

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