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Proud partner for the world’s biggest football cup

1,600 teams from all corners of the world. 6,000 matches. Memories for life for 32,000 participating boys and girls. We are proud to be able to take part in creating the framework around the Norway Cup.

Over 20 years of play and sporting joy

There are few projects like O.B. Wiik is involved in which is of the same size and prestige as the Norway Cup. And it’s a rewarding job. That’s why we like to do it again and again, year after year. See the result in the film below.

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More Information

Have you ever wondered how Ekebergsletta is transformed into the world’s biggest football cup for children and young people every year?

Total supplier for Norway cup

Most of the tents, halls, tribunes, stages, fences, profiling and tribunes you see are supplied by O.B: Wiik. Over 20 years, we have built up the knowledge of how such a large event can be wound up, rigged and dismantled quickly and efficiently.

The entire work is done in X days and is planned in close collaboration with the organiser, Bækkelagets Sportsklub.

Few other places are so many of the products of O.B. Wiik in use at the same time, so if you want to visit a kind of “showroom” for our products, Ekebergsletta at the beginning of August is always a good opportunity.