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Tent halls in extreme conditions in Greenland

Sometimes there are projects that require extra from us. This is one of them.

We are now in the completion phase of a project that includes a total of 7 halls to be delivered to Munck AS, in connection with two large airport projects they are working on. It was not the halls themselves that created challenges, but the location. They are set up outside the cities of Nuuk and Ilulissat, in an extreme Arctic climate in Greenland.

“Piteraq” is what the locals call the powerful and icy wind that emerges. It can be translated as “that which attacks you”. Although O.B.Wiik’s products are designed to handle Nordic conditions, the weather in Greenland is in a separate category. Extreme winds and freezing temperatures challenged the structures of the halls. This meant that our technical team spent a lot of time in the initial phase, to ensure that the structures can handle the conditions.

At O.B.Wiik, we have a tradition of being motivated by challenges. So although there is no hiding the fact that it has been a technically demanding project, it has also been a challenge that we gladly accept. Then our long-term experience and focus on quality come in handy.

The four uninsulated and three insulated halls will be used as warehouses and workshops for the next four years while the airport projects progress. We would like to thank Munck AS for a collaboration that has gone smoothly from the start.