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Warehouse from O.B. Wiik – specially designed for optimal solutions

Borg Havn in Østfold has a wide range of different tenants. That’s why they use O.B. Wiik halls that can be adapted to the various players’ varied needs.

– A good and quick solution

The port operations of both Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg municipality are handled by Borg Havn. During one year, the company handles more than 1.5 million tonnes of goods. The tenants also belong to a wide range of industries, where everything from iron and steel products to general cargo, wet and dry bulk as well as agricultural and forestry products are represented.

This naturally places high demands on storage capacity and facilities, and distributed over the two terminals at Øra (Fredrikstad) and Alvim (Sarpsborg), Borg Havn uses six canvas halls from O.B. Wik.

– Cloth halls for us are a very good solution in terms of land use. They are also quick to erect, comments technical manager Pål Erling Johnsen.

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The best in terms of price, flexibility and quality

Since 2012, new canvas halls at the Borg Havn terminals have been supplied by O.B. Wik. The reason lies in a combination of the best price and a number of other criteria:

– In the open competition, we always emphasize price, but also references, delivery time and the quality of the goods delivered, Johnsen points out.

At the same time, he emphasizes that their halls must be adapted to the current customers’ needs. There is always a requirement for a certain area, as well as varying wishes relating to doors, lighting, ceiling height, fans and so on. This is a need WiikHallen and associated accessories have been developed to meet, as mapping and adaptation to each individual customer is always the basis when setting up new halls.

Specially designed for optimal solutions

A good example can be found in the last three cloth halls O.B. Wiik has delivered precisely to Borg Havn. These are specially designed for project loads for Nexans Norway AS, which is a leading supplier of power, telecommunications, installation and heating cables in Norway.

– The collaboration with O.B. Wiik has been very good, from the offer phase through to the contract phase. We have always come up with good solutions that our tenants can understand. For the Nexans halls, we included our tenant in the process, together with the contractor, to find the best solution, concludes Johnsen.

One billion for development

In April 2017, in the wake of the new national transport plan, it was determined that one billion kroner will be set aside for the development of Borg Havn. The purpose of the development is to ensure that larger cargo ships can safely call at the ports without the risk of grounding. In Østfold, the goods-producing industry makes up a significant part of the business world, and much of the transport goes by water and sea.