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We look more professional with an O.B.Wiik pop up tent

When the Rygge shooting team goes to a convention, they always take the practical tent with logo in the trunk.

A tent with many possibilities

A quick chat with Alf Kristian Tollefsrød, one of the shooters at Rygge shooting team, reveals how versatile O.B.Wiik’s pop-up tents actually are. Among other things, they use the tent to change clothes in if it rains, and it is excellent for charity sales and laser shooting for young people who want to try shooting. Dessuten bruker de teltet for å vise seg frem:
– Det nye teltet vi har fått har blitt kjempestilig, forklarer Tollefsrød. – Det gjør oss mer synlig på stevner slik at vi både kan øke rekruteringen og se mer proffe ut overfor andre skyttere.

Pop-up-teltet er ideelt for foreninger og lag, enten man driver med idrett, politikk eller andre aktiviteter og arrangementer. They are delivered in a selection of different colours, but can also be ordered with a full print of your design layout on both walls and ceilings. How many walls you need is up to you, and the tents can of course be equipped with windows, half walls or door solutions.

Quality in focus

The goal of the pop-up tent was to design a product that was easy to assemble and take with you, but the quality was never to be sacrificed. On the contrary, you can feel confident that the pop-up tent will last a long time. The aluminum frame withstands a lot despite the low weight, and the fabric in the ceiling and walls is flame retardant, UV-treated and impregnated.

Easy to set up – easy to take with you

Alongside the solid materials, the pop-up tents’ great strength is that they are so easy to deal with, both in terms of assembly and transport:

– It’s easy to take off and on walls, it’s quick to put together and it’s easy to take with you, comments coach Knut Arne Tollefsrød. – The tent takes up minimal space, and it’s absolutely fantastic when we’re out and about for cups and things like that together.

Many different variants

The pop-up tents are available in many sizes, from 1.5×1.5m all the way up to 4x8m (professional tent). Even for the very largest tent, the frame weight is no more than 60kg, and the smallest frame weighs as little as 13kg!

If necessary, various accessories can be attached to the tent, such as gutters, plastic floors, braces, sales counters and so on. The full price list can be found here, together with a number of references and examples of pop-up tents used in various contexts.

If you only need a tent for a limited period, we also offer the rental of pop-up tents as part of our rich range of event rentals. O.B.Wiik has extensive experience with everything from small events to large festivals, and can help you with most everything you will need as an organizer. Get in touch and we’ll look at it together.