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WiikHalls to Estonia

O. B. Wiik has recently installed two warehouses measuring 28×65 metres, and one warehouse 28×45 meters for one of our customers in Estonia. The three structures with 8 meter external side wall height covering approx. 5000m2, used for storage of various articles packed in the customer’s standard stackable pallets of 1×1, 20×2, 20 meters.

Our technical department and design team have helped to create sketches to visualize how to make the best possible use of the interior space. It makes it easier for customers to understand what the end result will be, and see what practical value the solution has.

We have delivered these halls with doors, ventilation system and LED lighting system both inside and outside. In this case, we have agreed on a five-year lease with an option to extend the agreement.

Do you need to store something under a roof? We can help you, whether you want to own or rent. Our WiikHalls are very flexible, and can easily be moved or built on if the need for storage increases. They have many uses and can be adapted to your needs. Contact us and together we will find a solution that works for you.